Pull Request Guidelines

Only Edit Relevant Files

  • Focus your pull request on a single feature or issue.
  • Please do not change files unrelated to that specific issue or feature.

Submit Clean Code

  • Style you’re code using PEP8 conventions.
  • Include docstrings for any new modules, classes, or functions that are recognizable to sphinx-apidoc.

Write Tests

This project uses pytest for unit tests.

  • If you’re adding a feature please write tests to support it.
  • If you’re fixing a bug please add tests to reproduce it.

Make Sure Your Tests Pass

All of this project’s tests can be ran by typing:


in the root directory.

Keep Commit History Short and Clean

Please make one commit per feature or bug. Short histories aid in finding bugs and helping to identify the best fixes.

Be Descriptive

State a convincing case why your PR should be accepted. For tips on writing pull requests see this article